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Handpicked productions gives the family SumArt to Do in the school holidays!

These relaxed creative workshops at Rosehill are designed for all ages and are guided by our professional artist Janice. Each half term there will be a themed craft to create and treasure forever.

Wednesday 31 August
All things flying

School's out for summer!
In our Summer holiday workshop we will be
creating sun catches. Be as wacky or whimsical
as you like! You will be sure to catch some rays
with what you create on the day.


Harbour Fest Saturday 31 August

Catch our makers down on the harbour at this FREE family festival where we will be helping you make Mahoosive Fish Heeds
It will look like the fish have jumped out of the sea. Will yours be funny, whimsical, or perhaps a bit scary? It's entirely up to you. Let your imagination run wild as you design and craft a hat that showcases your unique style. Whether you go for bright colors and bold patterns or eerie details, your fish head hat is sure to be a standout. Join in the fun and watch as the Harbour comes alive with a sea of creative fish head hats!

Brought to you by Rosehill Theatre and Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners, this yearly event promises to be a fantastic day to add to the family calendar.


ART GYM 2022.jpg

Art Gyms are back in July 2024! These creative taster sessions, designed for young people aged 11-18, provide a space outside of school where you can express yourself creatively, whether independently or with others. Our goal is to make creative activities accessible to all!

Each Art Gym workshop is a standalone session, so you can attend any or all as you wish. These workshops offer opportunities for exploration and skill development through projects that are fun, contemporary, surprising, challenging, and even humorous. These sessions will help you shed your self-consciousness and embrace your creative potential.

Guided by our professional artist Janice, you’ll engage in activities like experimental drawing, collage, textile work, and jewellery making. Discover what ignites your creativity, and perhaps step out of your comfort zone. Who knows where this journey could take you!

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