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Art Gyms are creative workshops for young people ages 11-18, where you can come and be creative either on your own or with others and aims to make creative activity accessible to all!

In an inclusive, relaxed, welcoming environment outside of school with guided activities as well as space for you to continue to develop your creative skills and self-expression with support from professional artists.

Art Gyms will include opportunities for both exploration and gaining new skills through projects that are fun, contemporary, surprising, challenging and even humorous and help to forget your self-consciousness for a while.

The sessions will be guided by professional artists, Helen and Janice from Morgan and Murray Arts but you will drive the narrtiave of your own sessions. Find out what makes you tick creatively, maybe get out of your comfort zones? Who knows where this could take you!

Helen and Janice would love to see you at the full block of sessions they are running but we get that life sometimes gets in the way. If you are willing to show your commitment though it will ultimately only benefit your creative fitness!

Weekly from:
Tue 10 Jan -
Tue 21 Mar
Weekly from:
Wed 11 Jan -
Wed 22 Mar
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Weekly from:
Thu 12 Jan -
Thu 23 Mar
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