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When Sekers Fabric closed its doors 2006, it fell to the employees to preserve as much of the factory and its design history as possible. Perhaps you’ve got curtains made with Sekers fabric, or some of the factory’s tools hanging in your shed, or maybe you’ve repurposed an old piece of its machinery? These objects have stories to tell about the region’s cultural heritage, and we want to hear them. 


Sekers Objects is a Heritage Lottery Funded project. We want to hear the stories and memories of these objects and your memories of Sekers. We want to use them to create a digital archive which preserves and celebrates the important role this company played in West Cumbria’s heritage.
So, whether they are squirreled away under beds, hidden in sheds, occupying pride of place on the mantel piece or purely in your head! dust down your Sekers objects and tell us their story.

We would love to hear from you!


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