Midsummer Dreaming - information for attendees

Low Hall The Lakes is a wonderful haven to run around in and explore.It is a natural environment with natural hazards: some uneven ground, tree stumps, nettles, a pond and a stream. Children remain the responsibility of their parent/guardian and Handpicked Productions and Low Hall the Lake stake no responsibility for childcare or for any accident caused by the natural environment. Our aim is to leave no trace on the site and we’d be grateful if you would help us achieve this. This means putting your litter in the bins provided or taking it home with you. Please do not wander into areas marked no entry and try not to disturb the wildlife on site.

Getting here
The only parking on site is disabled parking which needs to be booked in advance via the ticket section of our website. All other car parking for this event is at Eaglesfield Paddle School and we will be operating a shuttle service to the end of Low Hall’s drive,from10.45-11.30am and 5.45-6.15pm. From the end of the drive to the venue is a 5 minute walk for adults, but little legs will take longer.In addition to our shuttle service you are very welcome to park at Eaglesfield Paddle School and walk or cycle to Low Hall the Lakes.It is about 0.9miles.There will be a designated bike park area near the front courtyard.If you decide to get dropped off /picked up then you will need to arrange for this to be at the end of the main drive when it meets the road.

Tickets will be checked on arrival so please bring them with you. We will accept either paper or e-tickets

Lost children
Children are the responsibility of their parent/guardian at ALL times. We suggest you familiarise yourself with the site and agree a meeting place if you lose each other. The lost child point will be inside the lower barn and any lost children will be cared for while they wait for you.Give your children the same advice you would if you were anywhere else: don’t go off with strangers or anyone without telling you first.

First Aid
The first aid point will be inside the lower barn and a designated First Aider will be present at all times.

What to bring
A picnic (optional), picnic blanket, warm waterproof coat, sun cream, a sun hat and footwear for adventure. There will be hay bales to sit on but you may wish to bring fold out chairs if you don’t mind carrying them. Some paths (particularly into and around The Whispering Woods) are bumpy underfoot but should be fine for a rugged buggy!Food and Drink BBQ food will be available to purchase from Smoke bbq (veggie options available) and drinks and ice creams will be available from Low Hall’s Orchard Bar

And Finally
We hope that everyone attending has a fantastic time but we reserve the right to eject anyone from the site if we deem their behaviour to be antisocial or inappropriate in any way.